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Tam, gdzie jest dobra atmosfera, są dobre wyniki.


Find out who you really are

Answer 6 simple questions and find out who you really are!

1. Your friends have invited you to the cinema, but you had other plans for the evening. What do you do?

  1. a)  I can postpone my plans; this meeting surely means a lot to my friends.
  2. b)  I was about to meet my new friends, but maybe we can all go together!
  3. c)  Thank my friends for inviting me and convince them to postpone it until tomorrow.
  4. d)  If it's the film I've been waiting to see for months, join them!

2. You have several free hours a week, so?

  1. a)  I will finally sign up for my dream sports activities.
  2. b)  I will plan next year?s summer holidays.
  3. c)  I will catch up on reading books.
  4. d)  A few parties during the week... why not!

3. You are abroad on holiday in a large European capital. Where will you most likely choose to go?

  1. a)  I will visit every place from the list I?ve prepared. I can?t miss anything!
  2. b)  A local pub! It's a must for me.
  3. c)  My friend wants to visit a famous eatery. I?d be pleased to accompany him.
  4. d)  I will check out whether there are currently anything interesting plays at the theatre.

4. When describing you, your friends would say you are...

  1. a)  Well-organised.
  2. b)  A little bit crazy.
  3. c)  Witty.
  4. d)  Creative.

5. Your friend?s bike is broken. What do you do?

  1. a)  Take out my toolbox and repair it. It cannot be complicated!
  2. b)  A week ago, I reminded him that he should check the bike to make sure it?s in good order. I will now call the bicycle service to set a repair date.
  3. c)  I?ll take the bike and drive my friend home.
  4. d)  Recently in a pub, I met a great expert specialising in such things, I'll look for his number!

6. You are sitting in a restaurant. It turns out the waiter has mistaken your order and you have to wait another half an hour for the meal you have originally chosen. So...

  1. a)  I calmly continue reading my book. Food can wait.
  2. b)  I?ll look at the paintings on the walls of the restaurant. They have matched them very well!
  3. c)  I am enjoying myself, waiting. I am with my friends after all!
  4. d)  I am upset and hungry. I hope it will at least be tasty...

At Computacenter, we are looking for employees for various positions resulting from the variety of topics that we deal with every day.

IT is UsWe will like each other

Your personality type is:
Introverted Tactic

Your life resembles a chess game in which strategy and tactics matter. From an early age, you have had a natural thirst for knowledge and willingness to share your wide experience with others. You choose intricate projects because morning coffee gossip is completely not your thing. You value privacy and perfectionism. You question even the best ideas to improve them. However, you don’t have to think about the idea of joining Computacenter for too long.

Introverted Tactic – IT is You!

Your personality type is:
Intelligent Companion

Thanks to your innate kindness, you are a perfect role model. You take care of interpersonal relationships, and the problems of the great world are not as important as the matters of your loved ones. When something goes wrong, you always help. You appreciate an exact division of duties at home and work because it makes it easier to maintain efficient organisation. In the event of conflicts, it is you who restore stability and balance. All that makes us want you to work with us at Computacenter.

Intelligent Companion – IT is You!

Your personality type is:
Impulsive Creator

You have a free spirit! Your impulsive enthusiasm draws attention and attracts it for longer. Thanks to your abundant personal charm, you easily find yourself in the company of others. In the eyes of your colleagues, you are perfect leader material, but such a creative person needs more freedom to create. You can see additional aspects and important elements of a given situation, so that's what you need at Computacenter.

Impulsive Creator – IT is You!

Your personality type is:
Party Animal

Spontaneity is your middle name, and with others you feel like a fish in water. Your desire to have fun and joy of small things are simply contagious. Thanks to your natural curiosity about the world, you are also a great observer and good listener. You have a lot of respect for work, but monotonous tasks and complicated analysis are not your cup of tea. Don’t worry! You are keen to take on new challenges and learn quickly, which is why you’d be a perfect employee at Computacenter.

Party Animal – IT is You!